The Wool Industry EDP User Group (WIEDPUG) is a technical forum for the development and implementation of data and document standards for electronic communication of wool industry data through the Industry EDI Networks.  It progresses its recommendations by consensus, relying upon the merit of proposals and the perceptible benefits flowing from essential standardisation.  Changes to data exchange standards are considered on referral from recognised industry organisations.

Download the WIEDPUG Terms of Reference.

Wool Industry EDI Data Communications Handbook

The Wool Industry EDI Data Communications Handbook provides new users of electronic transmissions in the wool industry with a guide to setting up, sending, and receiving business data via this medium, including hardware, software and contractual requirements.  The handbook is a technical manual which defines the files, records and codes used in wool industry data communications.

Production of the Wool Industry Data Communications Handbook is the responsibility of the Australian Wool Exchange and is administered by the Wool Industry EDP Users Group (WIEDPUG).

Download Version 37.2 of the Wool Industry Data Communications Handbook.

Classers Specification & Farm Consignment Standards

WIEDPUG has developed standards for the transmission of Classers Specification & Farm Consignment data in the Wool Industry, please use the link below to download a zip file of these documents. The current version of these documents is Version 3.

Download Classers Specification & Farm Consignment

Current WIEDPUG Representatives

Chairperson: Ms Rosie Giordano   AWTA
Secretary: Mr Nigel Stewart   AWEX
 Members: Mr Brian Vagg   ACWEP & PTWMA
  Mr David Cother   AWEX
  Mr Adrian Nardi   AWH
  Mr David Mitchell   AWH
  Mr John Billing   AWTA
  Ms Maxine Blyton   NCWSBA
 Observers: Mr Evan Vicary    AWH
  Mr John Reed   AWI
  Mr Nick Ignatenko   AWTA
  Mr Dan Hardison   Business Dashboards
  Mr Tony Smith   Business Dashboards
  Ms Janet Udy   Golden Micro Solutions Ltd
  Mr David Wilkinson   NZWTA
  Ms Jane Burke   SGS
  Mr Jeremy Wear   SGS
  Mr Cody Johnson   Solomon Software
  Mr Les Potts   Symbotic
  Mr Tony Benson   Talman
  Mr Vivek Kulshreshtha   Talman
  Mr Nick Potter   Wool Data Solutions


WIEDPUG Meeting Summary of Outcomes

After each WIEDPUG meeting a summary of outcomes is published, below are links to the summary of outcomes from the meetings, click on the links on the dates to download a PDF version of the summary of outcomes from each meeting.