AWEX Appraisal Auditors review each auction showfloor lot for compliance to the AWEX Woolclassers Code of Practice. In 2010 more than 97% of all lots offered meet or exceed the standards advocated in the Code.

AWEX Auditors will assess Clip Preparation issues in 3 scales of severity. Scale 3 is the most severe and is reserved for issues where a line of wool fails the accepted uniformity of characteristics. Lots assigned to Scale 3 are known as non conforming. Non conforming Lots must have the woolclassers stencil removed.

Scales 2 and 1 represented lower grade preparation issues. Scale 1 is reserved for Feedback matters only.

Items may, from time to time, be promoted or demoted in Scale according to the industry priorities.

A reference table of Inspection Codes and allocated Scale ratings can be found here.