ISAC's (Industry Services Advisory Committee) role is to provide advice to the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) Board and Management on a wide variety of issues.

ISAC comprises members representing all sectors of the wool industry.  The members are well-recognised amongst their peers and more often than not, belong to Federal or State Farming organisations, National Council of Wool Selling Brokers, Inland Wool Brokers, Australian Council of Wool Exporters and Processors and Private Treaty Wool Merchants of Australia.

In addition to the members (see list below); for specific issues, additional members may be co-opted to ISAC to ensure that a suitable knowledge/expertise base is available to consider the wide-ranging agenda items.  Similarly, industry-based working groups may also be utilised to help underpin the operation of the ISAC.

During its operation, ISAC may seek submissions (written and verbal) from both the Australian and International wool industry.  These consultative processes ensures that ISAC has access to appropriate information and industry views, which are required to formulate sound, industry-based recommendations for the AWEX Board.

In its role, ISAC gives consideration the following broad topics:

  • AWEX Standards and Codes,
  • AWEX Registration, accreditation and licensing programs,
  • AWEX Education and Training issues, specifically those supporting accreditation and registration procedures,
  • AWEX Quality Assurance programs, and
  • Other relevant matters relating to industry standards and services.

Over the last 2 years ISAC (including co-opted members and working groups) has overseen a diverse range of industry issues including the:

  • review of both the Woolclasser and the Classing House Codes of Practice for Clip Preparation
  • development of National Wool Declaration and its Integrity Program (including both desktop audits and on farm inspections)
  • the annual review of the National Wool Declaration (commencing each October), and
  • Sheep Breed Compendium.


 Current ISAC Members are:


Chairman: Mr Russell Pattinson Independent Chair
Members: Mr Evan Croake Wool Buyer and Processor
  Mr Paul Harmer Wool Buyer and Processor
  Mr Steven Harrison Grower Representative
  Mr Mark Grave AWEX CEO
  Mr Gerard Buchanan Broker Representative
  Mr Andrew Lindsay Broker Representative
  Dr Kerry Hansford Committee Secretary

For more information on the Industry Services Advisory Committee, please contact:

Mark Grave  p. (02) 9428 6100  e. or
Dr Kerry Hansford  p. (03) 9318 0277,  e.