1PP certificates are issued to a select group of superfine wools annually that exhibit superlative quality, style and soundness and are prepared in the best possible manner. 


1PP - Wool produced in Australia of Australian Superfine (AS) breed criteria, fleece style 1 (choice)(ASF1), 16.9 micron and finer, 90/100s count visually, and containing 1.0% vegetable matter or less, at least 70mm in length unless wool is significantly finer (e.g. 15.0 micron), where a slightly shorter length will be accepted. These wools must exhibit superlative quality, style and soundness and be prepared in the best possible manner. Each bale must be a minimum net weight of 90 kilograms.

Last update 30.04.2010 (additions in italics).


  • 1PP Certificates were implemented to enable the wool industry to recognise the few lots that have reached the pinnacle of superfine wool growing excellence in all areas of breeding, preparation and quality standards.
  • 1PP Certificates do not attempt to recognise the highest price, but the highest level of achievement in the pursuit to grow the highest quality wool in the world.
  • Only wool displayed traditionally is acceptable for 1PP.
  • Only wool grown in Australia is suitable for 1PP.                               

The approval criteria for 1PP certification is stringent and is carried out by a regional 1PP certification panel. This panel, which comprises of up to 5 members, is made up of industry participants with exceptional knowledge and experience in the area of superfine wools.