AWEX-ID is a system for the appraisal and description of non-measured characteristics of greasy wool. By combining AWEX-ID with presale objective measurements, a full and credible description for wool is possible.

AWEX Market Reports analyse and present price information using these measured and appraised wool characteristics.

AWEX-ID benefits the wool industry by meeting the following requirements:

  • being intuitive and logical;
  • being simple to read and understand;
  • not blurring the boundaries between subjective assessment and objective information;
  • making it easy to adopt new measurement techniques as and when they become available;
  • easier identification of wool characteristics;
  • better understanding of the relationship between wool characteristics and their effect on price; and
  • forming a basis for the accreditation of appraisers.

Download a copy of the current version of AWEX-ID V3.35 (Standard) Australia

Trained appraisers, registered with AWEX, supply AWEX-ID on greasy wool sale lots for the market reporting system. AWEX Appraisal Auditors regularly check appraisers' performance and provide feedback, helping to maintain uniform standards.

AWEX has established competency standards for appraisers. These standards are in use around Australia and provide the framework for programs used in training.

For more information on AWEX-ID or Appraiser Registration please contact AWEX on (02) 9428 6140  or email