Criteria for recognition

A. Eligibility Criteria for a Scheme to be added to the recognised list

  1. That a Quality/Membership Scheme application is to be one of the following:
    • A registered sheep breed or wool Association,
    • A wool or sheep preparation scheme with a published practice, or
    • A certification/accreditation scheme related to a wool characteristic.
  2. That the Quality/Membership Scheme provider must have a registration and/or audit facility.
  3. That each Scheme provider shall provide a summary statement on initial application (available to all potential customers) summarising the objectives/purpose of the Scheme. These should be periodically updated if substantive changes occur.
  4. The Scheme Provider must provide for a recognised method of declaration (by the vendor) to enable the vendors agent to process the information correctly.

B. Publishing Criteria

  1. The Scheme Name is to be published in the recognised fields against a catalogue sale lot and not in the Property Brand and Bale Description.
  2. That where a Quality/Membership Scheme is published, it is recommended that associated Membership/Certification ID are included in the electronic documents.

C. Other

  1. The conditions, operation and integrity of each Scheme are solely the responsibility of the Scheme provider.

To view current Quality/Membership Schemes recognised in catalogue systems please click here.