The Registration Review Committee (RRC) is an Advisory Committee established to review and recommend to Australian Wool Exchange Ltd (AWEX) management appropriate (corrective) actions related to registered Wool classers, Classing Houses or Appraisers that (repeatedly) contravene the requirements contained in the respective Code(s) of Practice, or the Rules of the Wool classer/Classing House/Appraiser registration schemes. The Committee is recognised in the Rules of Registration of the respective registration schemes and is an integral part of the AWEX compliance management.

The Objectives of the RRC are:

  • To review Case documents developed by the Registrar relating to entities that breach the Scheme Rules and/or the respective Code of Practice;
  • To recommend to AWEX (via the Registrar) a recommended course of action for each case presented;
  • To follow procedures as defined in the Rules of Registration;
  • To review progress reports from the Registrar on Cases previously considered;
  • To ensure each Case is treated impartially, objectively and fairly;
  • To consider Appeals or Submissions received from Case entities;
  • To periodically review the measurement framework for triggering Case reviews; and
  • To recommend changes to the Rules in relation to compliance management.