Classing House registration is designed for organisations that wish to rehandle wool  in accordance with the Code of Practice, and identify it as such when offering it for sale with a valid Classing House Stencil.

A Classing House is an organisation that rehandles wool in accordance with the Classing House Code of Practice and meets the requirements set out in the Rules for Classing House Registration.

The objectives of Classing House Registration are to:

  • acknowledge the functions of classing houses in preparing wool for sale;
  • provide assurance to purchasers of wool that the wool preparation is performed by an organisation possessing skills and knowledge to perform the classing and rehandling functions to an industry standard;
  • provide a means of identifying the classing or matching of a particular wool lot has been carried out by a registered classing house;
  • provide for a mechanism to ensure that all classing houses keep up to date with developments in wool and woolclassing technologies and practices;
  • provide the means to introduce quality management systems into classing house operations.

Reporting of Adverse Preparation of Farm Bales

AWEX registered Classing Houses are also able to contribute to the monitoring of on farm preparation. Where a registered Classing House determines a farm bale (usually destined for Bulk Class or Interlotting) is poorly prepared, it is able to report this to AWEX for follow up with the Wool classer or Woolgrower. Registered Classing Houses wanting to report adverse classing may lodge details using this form.

For more information on Registered Classing Houses please contact AWEX on (02) 9428 6140 or email