Following many years of research, on 14th November 2022, AWEX announced the implementation of eBale.  For further information, see documents below:

Media Release - Digital Traceability for the Wool Industry

FAQs for eBale

eBale EU Labelling for Wool Packs

AWEX RFID Cost-Benefit Analysis June 2014

AWEX eBale Project

In 2013, AWEX re-commenced its investigations into the potential application of Radio Frequency identification (RFID) technology to wool bales. 

(a)    Potential Industry Benefits

  • Improved bale traceability and quality control allowing traceback

  • Improved information flow from farm to processor (accurate identification, location and streamlining the delivery of bales)

  • Enhanced performance of electronic Woolclasser’s Specification

  • Rapid identification of wool bales if Exotic Animal Disease outbreak

  • Improved downstream efficiency and quality management (maintain the position of wool in a competitive textile market)

(b)    Implications for the Woolgrower

  • “Industry good” projects require wool grower support, who bear some or all of the cost:

    • Most benefits accrue post the farm gate

    • Growers already paying for inefficiencies in the wool pipeline

    • Improvements in handling and distribution would be of indirect benefit and may lead to cost saving incentives

  • Actual benefits may be achieved through the linkage between electronic Classer’s Specifications and RFID tagged bales:

    • Ensure that all bales are identified and described correctly

    • Wool clip data could arrive before delivery of bales

Download a copy of the paper e-Bale: The Potential Radio Frequency Identification of Wool Bales presented to the International Wool Textile Organisation in April 2016.

AWEX eBale Wool Store Functionality

AWEX is currently working with wool industry software suppliers to implement functionality for basic operations in wool stores.

Download a copy of AWEX eBale Wool Store Functionality for details on the basic operations.

Recommended RFID Devices

AWEX has developed a list of recommended devices to read RFID tags.  However, please ensure you contact your software provider before making any purchase, as they may have their own preferences for which hardware products to use.

Download a copy of AWEX Recommended RFID Devices

If you are interested in any of the above products, please contact Ryan Croxford of BCDS, who will be able to discuss these products and others with you.  His details are:

Ryan Croxford
Phone: 0402 431 000
Email: ryan.croxford@bcds.com.au

If you require technical assistance or general discussion regarding RFID, please contact Mark Anderson at Adilam. His details are:

Mark Anderson
Phone: 0412 756 900
Email: mark.anderson@adilam.com.au


For further information contact:

Mark Grave, AWEX CEO, ph. 02 9428 6100 or e. mgrave@awex.com.au

Kerry Hansford, AWEX Quality & Technical Manager, ph. 03 9318 0277 or e. khansford@awex.com.au