The Australian Wool industry has a long and proud history of quality wool clip preparation that is recognised
and valued by our customers.

Despite this, clip contamination remains a serious concern. Contamination from items such as twine, bags, cloth, hooks, wire, and tools continue to be an issue that cause havoc in wool processing, either by damaging finetuned specialist equipment, or when processed amongst the wool fibres and contaminating, in some circumstances, an entire batch of woollen product being produced.

In partnership with our global wool processor partners, the Keep Your Clip Clean campaign has been relaunched to raise awareness of the seriousness wool contamination can play in the Australian clip, its impacts, and how we can all help avoid it.

With ~80% of Australian wool processed in China, there is a strong message of support for Australian growers to be vigilant and to achieve a clip free of contamination from leaders in companies including China SDIC International Trade Nanjing Co., Ltd., TianYu Wool Industry Co.,Ltd, Zhejiang Redsun Wool Textile Co. Ltd, and Zhejiang New Chuwa Wool Co., Ltd.

Ms Jane Guo, Chief Marketing Officer, TianYu Wool Industry, shares the company’s “passion for Australia Merino Wool and thanks wool growers for their efforts and continuous best practice on farm for quality clip preparation”.

The Keep Your Clip Clean poster has been refreshed, raising awareness of contamination using examples found in wool bales from Australia.

Click the link below to download a hi-res digital copy of the poster.

Hi-res digital copy of the poster