AWEX has six classes of membership which are defined by the nature of the business.

  • Broker ~ the business of selling wool in Australia as agent of sellers of wool;
  • Exporter ~ the business of exporting wool from Australia;
  • Private Treaty Merchant ~ the business of buying wool in Australia directly from the Grower;
  • Processor ~ the business of providing mechanical facilities for the processing of wool in Australia;
  • Grower ~ the business of growing wool in Australia;
  • Associate ~ need not carry out their own business. Applications for Associate membership must be accompanied by such information as is determined by the Board.

Benefits of AWEX Membership

Included in the benefits of becoming an AWEX Member are:

  • AWEX Members have an active role in industry self regulation, through the development of AWEX Rules. AWEX Members have the ability to propose and comment on rule changes, in order to facilitate the ongoing improvement of an efficient, innovative and informed trading system;
  • AWEX Members form an extensive network of various industry participants which enables AWEX to provide a central point for the exchange of timely and relevant industry information;
  • AWEX Members receive a 20% discount on selected AWEX Market Information publications.

Additional Benefits to AWEX Trading Members

Trading Members include Broker, Exporter, Private Treaty Merchant and Processor Members of AWEX.

  • Ability to access AWEX managed trading facilities - including auction;
  • Right to attend and vote in AWEX general meetings;
  • Right to elect representatives to the National Auction Selling Committee (NASC);
  • Right to elect AWEX Board directors representing appropriate Membership classes.

Additional Benefits to AWEX Grower Members

  • Entitled to one vote to elect an AWEX Board director representing the interests of wool producers;
  • An updated Code of Practice for the Preparation of Australian Wool Clips;
  • Right to attend and vote in AWEX general meetings;
  • Right to elect a representative to the National Auction Selling Committee (NASC).

To become a member of AWEX, a completed Application Form and Audit Checklist together with your Joining Fee and First Year's subscription is required to be forwarded to the Company Secretary at AWEX, PO Box 651, North Ryde BC NSW 2113.

For more information on Membership please contact AWEX on (02) 9428 6100 or email