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To be registered with AWEX a wool classer must have completed and passed a recognised training course in woolclassing/wool preparation (Certificate III or IV).  Contact details for Woolclassing courses can be found . 

By registering with AWEX the wool classer is agreeing to abide by the Rules of Registration.  Bales bearing a registered wool classer's stencil are declared by the wool classer to be prepared to the Standard declared in the Wool classers' Code of Practice.

There are four categories of registration for individual Wool classers.  These are:


Masterclassers (MC) are Australian Wool classers (AW stencil holders) who have been nominated by industry and have attended a Masterclasser training course.

Each MC is required to have the following attributes:

  • Must be actively woolclassing for the last three years,
  • Must class a minimum of 7 clips or 400 bales per annum,
  • Must have ability and desire to further their wool knowledge, and
  • Must demonstrate good character, judgment and capacity for leadership.

To obtain Masterclasser status, attendees will be required to attend a 4 day workshop at a nominated selling centre. They must pass an open book exam at the course on the Wool classers Code of Practice.  Retention of Masterclasser status will the require attendance at periodic refresher courses and routine audits.

Australian Wool Classer (AW)

A registered AW wool classer is recognised as being competent to class any wool in Australia to the Code of Practice. An AW stencil may only be applied by the registered person on wool that has been classed by them, on farm. AW stencils are not to be applied to Classing House or off farm preparation environments.

Owner Wool Classer (OC)

Registered Owner Wool classers (OC) are registered to class ONLY wool that they have a direct interest in (i.e. own, parent/children own, or as manager) as outlined in the Rules.

An Owner Classer is registered only to class wool on farm from sheep that:

  • they own or part own or of which they are the manager; or
  • their mother and/or father owns or part owns, provided that the Owner Classer works on the property; or
  • their son and/or daughter owns or part owns, provided that the Owner Classer works on the property.

Classer Associate (CA)

Classer Associates are wool classers that are qualified for OC or AW registration, however, they are not currently active. A CA registration preserves the original qualification and allows the Classer to receive all publications, etc.  This registration maintains your details on the AWEX Register as an inactive Wool classer and you will not receive a Stamp, Stencil or ID Card.  As a CA you can convert back to an AW at any time, provided the Wool classer Development Program is undertaken, as outlined in the Rules.

Find out how to become a Wool classer.


A separate category of Wool classer is available to organisations who prepare wool. This category is suitable for off farm preparation and rehandle environments. Find out more about Classing House Registration.

Wool classers must comply with the Code of Practice for the Preparation of Australian Wool Clips when classing wool that will be marked with their Wool classer Identification. The Code of Practice has been developed, over a number of years, by participants in the Australian wool industry and defines the requirements for classing wool. For more information on Wool classer Registration or the Code of Practice please contact AWEX on (02) 9428 6140 or email