AWEX issues 2 generic statistical reports, updated monthly, summarising the number of bales offered at auction by Mulesing Status.

About Mulesing Status

The Mulesing Status is derived from information declared by a woolgrower via the National Wool Declaration (NWD).
The Status Codes used on the reports below are:

National Wool Declaration (NWD) Definitions
Non Mulesed (NM) = No sheep in this mob has been mulesed^.
Ceased Mulesing (CM) = No lambs born on this property in the last 12 months have been mulesed^. No mulesed^ (or mulesed with AA) ewes or wethers have been purchased.
Analgesic/Anaesthetic (AA) = All sheep in this mob were mulesed^ and treated with a pre- and /or post-Analgesic &/or Anaesthetic product(s) registered by APVMA for use on sheep.
Mulesed (M) = Some/all sheep in this mob have been mulesed^. 

^Mulesing: The removal of skin from the breech and/or tail of a sheep using mulesing shears.

Source: Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep.


Static Reports

Static Auction Mulesing Status Statistics by Micron

Static Auction Mulesing Status Statistics by Month and YTD

National Wool Declaration Test & Auction Data

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