The animal welfare issue of mulesing has been topical since 2004. Since this time, the Australian sheep and wool industry has made a strategic commitment to develop and implement alternatives to mulesing. While this goal is a major challenge, the Australian Wool industry is leading the way in responding to changing global customer requirements and attitudes.

The function of the National Wool Declaration (NWD) is to enable woolgrowers to promote their animal welfare practices (i.e. Mulesing Status) and the Dark and Medullated Fibre Risk (DMFR) of their wool to wool exporters, processors and retailers. The NWD is the standardised declaration method for Australia. It is applicable to all breeds of sheep.

Once a woolgrower has completed the NWD, the contents are converted by the wool handling agent into a recognised Mulesing Status and/or DMFR code for inclusion in sale catalogues and test certificates.

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NWD November 2014 Version 6.2: AWEX has updated the NWD to Version 6.2, November 2014. This version includes modifications to the NWD, such as removing duplicated information and simplifying the format. It includes changes related new privacy laws. Note, there have been no changes to the definitions or codes used in the NWD.

For General Use by woolgrowers/classers requiring a combined Classer's Specification and NWD. The NWD Instructions, Definitions and Codes are on page 2 of each NWD document listed below.

NWD November 2014 Version 6.2 Landscape

NWD November 2014 Version 6.2 Portrait

For General Use by woolgrowers/classers who have a Classer's Specification but require a separate NWD. The NWD Instructions, Definitions and Codes are included on this page.

NWD November 2014 Version V6.2 Separate

Additional information related to the NWD:

How to Complete the NWD Correctly

NWD Integrity Program Brochure

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