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Recent Updates

The summary of outcomes from the recent 17th of April 2018 WIEDPUG meeting are now available more >>

Members' Update
2018 National Woolclasser Competition. more >>

Annual Wool Selling Programs
The 2018-19 Selling Program which has been updated in February 2018 and the 2019-20 tentative Selling Program have been released more >>

National Auction Selling Committee (NASC)
The Summary of Outcomes from the 23rd of February 2018 NASC meeting are now available more >>


Updated with Introduction to the Australian Wool Market more >>

Wool Production Forecast
Wool Production Forecasting in Australia is performed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited. A committee, of which AWEX is a member, meets at regular times of the year to update shorn wool production and sheep number forecasts for approaching seasons. AWEX provides key input in the form of various analysis and statistics more >>

Individuals wishing to be registered with AWEX either as a Woolclasser or an Appraiser are required to undertake education in specific areas depending upon the type of registration sought more >>

Wool offered for sale in Australia is usually prepared by a qualified and registered woolclasser. more >>


           Current Offering Estimates

Sale Week North South West Nat
W-TH 42* 10,600 20,923 9,073 40,596
43 12,640 22,803 8,068 43,511
44 10,000 20,000 8,450 38,450
45 9,700 20,735 7,950 38,385
*Denotes current sale week
Offering Estimates measured in bales
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                                                   AWEX Eastern Market Indicator.