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Recent Updates

National Auction Selling Committee (NASC)
Peter Brice has been elected as the Northern Region Buyer Representative. more >>

COP Downloads
Code of Practice Downloads and Prints more >>

AWEX-ID & Appraisers
Want to know more about AWEX-ID? Follow this link to get a quick overview. more >>

The June 2017 edition of BOARDtalk has been released. View this edition by following the link to the BOARDtalk page more >>


Repaired Wool Packs
AWEX introduced the repair and re-use of nylon wool packs, as an initiative aimed at helping reduce the packaging costs for wool growers more >>

Wool Packs
Woolpacks currently approved for importation into Australia are required to meet rigorous standards and quality controls more >>

Selling Arrangements
The Wool Selling Arrangment (WSA) (for each region) is a detailed trade report that provides sellers and buyers with the "running" sheet for each Sale more >>

Wool offered at auction is published by each wool selling broke via a catalogue in both hardcopy and soft copy formats more >>


           Current Offering Estimates

Sale Week North South West Nat
W-TH 13* 12,077 22,108 7,298 41,483
14 11,523 24,778 7,212 43,513
15 11,000 21,177 8,100 40,277
16 11,000 24,350 8,100 43,450
*Denotes current sale week
Offering Estimates measured in bales
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                                                   AWEX Eastern Market Indicator.